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Ringlock Scaffolding

   It is a new type of scaffolding. This product was introduced from Europe in the 1980s and is an upgraded product following bowl button scaffolding. Also known as the Inserting Disc Scaffold System, Wheel Disc Scaffolding System, Buckle Disc Scaffolding, layher Frame (layer frame, Rhea Frame, because the basic principle of the scaffolding is the German Layher Company The invention was also called by the industry's “Raya Frame.” It is mainly used for large concerts with lighting stands and background stands.), Disc-type multi-functional scaffolding is an upgraded product following the bowl buckle scaffold. The socket of this scaffold is a disc with a diameter of 123mm and a thickness of 10mm. Eight holes are opened on the disc. φ48*3.2mm and Q345B steel pipes are used as the main components. The pole is welded on a certain length of steel pipe every 0.50m. Disc, with this novel, beautiful disc connection bar, with a connection sleeve on the bottom. The cross bar is made by welding plugs with pins on both ends of the steel pipe.

    Widely used: General bridges such as viaducts, tunnels, factories, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, etc., as well as special plant support designs, are also suitable for overpasses, spans, storage racks, chimneys, water towers and indoor and outdoor decoration , Large-scale concert stage, background frame, stand, watch platform, modeling frame, stair system, stage setting for the evening party, sports competition stand and other projects.

   1. Multifunctional. According to the specific construction requirements, a variety of construction equipment such as single-row, double-row scaffolds, support frames, support columns, and material lifting racks with various module sizes and loads of 0.6m can be constructed and can be configured as curves. . Scaffolding can be combined with adjustable bottom bracket, adjustable upper bracket, double-adjustable early demolition, cantilever beam, pick frame and other accessories. It can be used in conjunction with various steel pipe scaffolds to achieve various versatility. First, it can be erected on any uneven slope and ladder-type foundation; second, it can support ladder-shaped stencils to realize early demolition of stencils; and thirdly, it can achieve early demolition of some support frames, and it can set up passages to provoke flying wings; The utility model can cooperate with erecting a climbing rack, an activity table, an outer row rack, etc. to realize various functions supporting functions; and a fifth, it can be used as a storage rack, which can be used for erecting various stages, advertising engineering brackets, and the like. The pole has the function of arbitrarily lengthening according to the 500mm module, and also has the function of inverted butt joint, which provides a convenient condition for the use of special height dimensions. The wheel type multi-purpose steel pipe scaffolding also provides the technical support for the mounting, mounting and fixing of new types of templates for the use of large standardized templates.

   2. The structure is small, the construction and disassembly are convenient, and the basic structure and special components can make the system adaptable to a variety of structural buildings; it consists of three types of components: vertical poles, crossbars, and diagonal tie rods. All the pull rods are made in the factory. One is to prevent the traditional parts of scaffolding from being easily lost and easily damaged, and to reduce the economic losses of the construction units. The second is to prevent the use of any active locking elements to prevent the traditional Scaffolding is a hidden danger caused by active locking components.

   3. The product has a high degree of economical efficiency, and it is more convenient and faster to use: In use, it is only necessary to insert the plugs at both ends of the cross bar into the corresponding tapered holes in the vertical bar, and then tap it. The quality of sex and laps is not what traditional scaffolding can do. The pick-and-place speed is 4-8 times that of fastener steel pipe scaffolding and 2 times that of bowl button scaffold. Reduce labor time and labor remuneration, reduce freight and reduce overall costs. The joint structure is reasonable, easy to operate, lightweight and simple. The pole weight is reduced by 6-9% compared to the same length of the bowl buckle pole.

   4. Large carrying capacity. The axial transmission force of the vertical pole makes the whole scaffold in the three-dimensional space, the structural strength is high, the overall stability is good, the disc has a reliable axial shear force, and the axes of various rods intersect at one point, and the number of connecting rods is greater than that of the bowl. The buckle joint is 1 times more, and the overall stability strength is increased by 20% for bowl buckles and scaffolding.

   5. Safe and reliable. Independent wedges are inserted through the self-locking mechanism. Due to interlocking and gravity, the crossbar plug cannot escape even if the latch is not tightened. The plug-in has a self-locking function, which can be locked or unplugged by pressing down the plug to be disassembled, and the contact surface between the fastener and the pillar is large, thereby improving the bending strength of the steel pipe, and ensuring the combination of the two, the pillar is not Skew will appear. The vertical cross precision of the vertical shaft axis and horizontal axis of the wheel type multi-purpose steel pipe scaffold is high, and the force is reasonable. Therefore, the bearing capacity is large, the overall rigidity is high, and the overall stability is strong. Each pole allows to carry 5-10 tons.

   6. The overall efficiency is good. The series of components is standardized for ease of transportation and management. No scattered and easy to lose components, low loss, less investment in the latter part.