Wuxi Dile Construction Material Co., Ltd is a Sino Japanese joint venture, the company is located in No. 239, Zhengfa Road, Shuofang, New District, Wuxi. Our company adopts the latest technology of building equipment manufacturing, mainly engaged in manufacturing, selling & renting, developing and designing construction equipment, metal components, formwork products and formwork shoring products for civil construction projects and we are the member of the China Formwork Association.

Since 2007 putting formally into production, follow the Advanced technology, high-quality products, attentive service business purpose, swiftly gained the trust of customers at home and abroad and praise.

Due to company development needsthe following personnel should be recruited:

1: Foreign Trade Salesmen

Requirements: 1: Bachelor degree or above, English is above level six

   2: familiar with the process of the scaffolding industry

2. Sales Commissioner

Requirements: 1: college degree or above, age 23-40 years old

   2: have the guidance and practice ability of marketing planning and marketing skills, rigorous work, honest integrity, strong work planning and strategic forward-looking thinking

3. Technical Commissioner

Requirements: 1: college or above, 25-40 years old

   2: the major needs civil engineering. Steel structure, picture drawing, skillful operation of CAD.

4. Inspector

Requirements: 1: secondary school or above, 25-38 years old

   2: use tools.

Company name: Wuxi Dile Construction Material Co.,Ltd

Company tel: 0510-85213151 Fax: 0510-85216012

Company address: No.239 Zhenfa RoadShuofang, New District, Wuxi, China